Gymnasts from the Alma Delores Dance Studio

“Going to Rio!” was the theme for August 2016 at Life Care Center of Sierra Vista, Arizona, and it was a month of Olympic proportions and fun.


The opening ceremonies took place on Aug. 3 with a steel drum duo, fruit kabobs and Carnival-style décor. The day set the atmosphere for the weeks to come.


During the month, residents participated in games similar to those being held in Rio de Janeiro. In Olympic Ring Toss, residents took aim at two liter-sized soda bottles. The winners won the soda. Games also included basketball with an inflatable goal and “horse racing,” in which residents used tickets to “bet” on the six competing hobby horses on stands. Two dice were rolled, and the horses advanced that many spaces. The first to cross the finish line of 22 spaces won.


“Residents had a blast betting with each other and winning Life Care Bucks,” explained Debora Steele, activity director.


The Life Care Bucks can be used at Life Care Center of Sierra Vista’s Snack Shack.


The activity department even added Rio-themed crafts to the fun. Residents had the chance to bead sea shells into jewelry and create sand art, as well as create shell-shaped water globes with glycerin water, glitter and seashells.


“August brought back memories of days at the beach with my family,” said resident Jo Whiteman.


“Everything was so pretty and colorful like it was the tropics,” added resident Helen Shepard.


The games concluded with a spectacular finish: girls from the Alma Delores Dance Studio did a gymnastic exhibition for the residents in the dining room, and the residents presented them with gold medals they had made by hand.